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Coffee, Ice cream, fried Neapolitan donut, Pastry and much more ....

the Chalet

Born in 1952, the Chalet Ciro was and is, for many decades, a reference point for the city's community and visitors.
Products such as handcrafted cakes, the coffee prepared with great skill, the Neapolitan donut "fried and ate" and new comers as Conograffa and Conosfoglia, attract thousands of people every day who want to delight your palate, near the fascinating panorama, of Mergellina and Gulf of Naples, valued and recognized worldwide.

our products

Neapolitan cakes tell many stories.
Our story has been handed down for generations, with skill and emotion.
We prepare our specialities with love and care, putting passion, high quality raw materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Every day the ingredients are carefully selected, to ensure the freshness and quality of every single creation.

"The coffee, to be good, should be black as the night, sweet as love and
hot as hell " (Mikhail Bakunin)

That's why we serve the coffee espresso, sweet and in a hot cup!

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