Chalet Ciro in the world…

This is the goal we set ourselves to achieve, i.e. give an international flair to our decades of experience, leading beyond borders, products that characterize our land and that did and still do, the history of our Chalet.

The Concept

The project is developed for creating store with sixties romantic design , typically italian, and with the desire to set up a meeting place, where taste typical Neapolitan cuisine as if you were sitting in front of Mergellina views, historical place that engages since 1952, the Chalet Ciro.

The choice of colours of walls and furniture, where pale blue is the king, is a tribute to the sea and the sky of the city that gave birth to the Chalet, It is based on the desire to create an atmosphere and a typical italian style, a cozy space, hot, elegant and fashionable, to consume foods and drinks of high quality and to meet up with friends.

the Formula

Ciro Chalet franchising project aims at meeting with investors to establish together a winning partnership where the strategic capacity and experience of the franchisor joins the local market knowledge of the franchisee.

Is the partner that takes charge, leveraging the know-how, the franchisor's experience and reputation of the mark, to introduce and develop the activity in the market which has purchased the exclusive develop and sustains its investments.

There are several types of relationship and contract you can establish.

Plus the ability to create a single business, there are solutions that involve the commitment of partners to the development of an entire area, region or country, with the activation of multiple stores, or even more complex possibilities.